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SEO Advertising – Webmaster – and Sexy Self Marketing

I have often wondered what is SEO, and where did it initially come from. Does it actually have any relevance in our immediate lives? When I began my so called writing career, I gave up everything to become who I thought I would someday be. Two years later, and a road less traveled, I have learned that there are more to the basics of SEO optimization than what I knew to be true. It is like being indoctrinated in a Buddhist community – where only the privileged few will learn the art of self preservation for the sake of the art itself.

SEO Advertising

The SEO learning curve is more than writing articles to please the masses that will someday make you famous, it is more so the human element that separates us from man and being an empty machine. There have been many articles and digest that supposedly give insight on how to promote your articles and make you rich in less than thirty days. But when you delve deeper into the world of SEO and webmaster tools, you begin to wonder is it all worth the hype and money. Can anyone really promote you, or is it just simple hard work that separates the chaff from the wheat?

This article is not so much about how to use SEO and keyword optimization, it is more so a journey into the night – where the light at the end of the tunnel delegates freedom for writers who have found the Zen master secret. Everything in this life evolves around Buddha and the belief that anything honest is rewarded by diligent perseverance, a skill that cannot be brought by the sexy ads that bombard our internet experience on a daily basis. Richmond SEO reminds the entrepreneur and struggling writer that a learned skill can be acquired by anyone whom is willing to sacrifice their care-free days, where the days are a lonely journey into a world where myth is separated by the stark cold arms of reality.

Webmasters are the invisible people who advertise their business in return for a comfortable profit. The internet is actually still an infant – learning to be breast feed from the millions and masses of humans who hunger for information at a predisposed notion that it is suppose to be that way.

If there are ten thousand webmasters, then how many Zen masters does it take to change a light bulb?

For the sake of it all, if you are an inspiring writer searching for fame and fortune in the wilderness of this procreation, do not put all of your apples in one basket. Always give yourself room for error and improvement, learning the key essentials of how self promotion is better than spending hard earned money on a SEO dream. And so, when you feel overwhelmed by emails and advertisements that offer you riches in return for your credit card digit, remember the tale of the “Three Little Pigs.”

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Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

Your basement is a very important part of your house and it is generally used in storing things but a lot of homeowners who have basement are facing issues in their property such as foundation cracks, basement seepage and water flooded basement.  This this is the reason why it’s very important that you should look for solutions to this problem since it’s a well-known fact that water can weaken the structure of your house and it can even cause severe damage to your home’s foundation. In these certain situations, the best solution is to hire a professional for an expert basement waterproofing.


What a lot of homeowners don’t know about is that basement waterproofing can offer you with a lot of benefits and some of these include:

  1. Protects Your Home from Getting Damaged

Your basement that is filled with water will eventually allow water seepage. Water seepage will then result to getting your house damaged, which can weaken the structure of your house. In these certain situations, basement waterproofing can be really advantageous since it prevents water seepage as well as keeps your home’s foundation strong at all times.

  1. Prevents Mold Growth

Foundation Repair Cranston will not only help in maintaining the good condition of your home but it can also help in maintaining you and your family’s health as well. As a matter of fact, when water is present in your basement, mold will start to build up. The build-up of mold in your basement can actually lead to a lot of health issues especially if it is frequently breathed in by people. Therefore, it’s extremely advisable for all the people to waterproof their basement as well as prevent mold growth.

  1. Maintains the Value of Your Home

Since your house is considered as one of the biggest investment you can ever have in your entire life, you must do your best to make sure that you are able to prevent it from getting damaged. The damage in the structure of your house can often be a cause of water accumulation and if your home is damaged, it will decrease its overall selling value. Furthermore, if you plan to sell your house in the near future, you will not get the most out of your property if it has been damaged already. If this is the case, it’s highly imperative that you hire a professional and reputable basement waterproofing service provider as they can help in effectively and efficiently maintaining the value of your home.

  1. Prevents your Valuables from Getting Damaged

When water enters the basement in your home, all your valuables stored there will be damaged because of the water exposure, leading to huge amounts of money loss. Therefore, in order to make sure that your belongings are protected from water damage, it’s certainly advisable to hire a professional and reputable contractor for high quality basement waterproofing service.



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